About What Key Am I In?

What Key Am I In started off as a humble static website that I decided build when I was jamming along with a chord progression and couldn't figure out what key to play in. Thanks to great support from users (especially those over at /r/guitar), I steadily expanded the features of the original What Key Am I In to include things like the fretBoard, the keyBoard, and chordBuilder. That said, the most frequent request, by far, was for additional chords and keys, and that was something that I didn't feel comfortable providing, as I'm far from a music theory expert (that's why I was looking for a tool like this in the first place). It was this limitation that lead me to recreate What Key Am I In and re-release it as what you see here.

So to everyone who's been here since the beginning, thanks for sticking it out, and to anyone who's a more recent visitor, don't hesitate to send comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms and unrelated thoughts in my direction!

The Community

What Key Am I In relies heavily on the involvement of our community. From the addition of new chords and keys to the feature requests, suggestions, and bug fixes, the community has been invaluable in bringing What Key Am I In to where it is now.

The Tools

The keyFinder, our original foundation, lets you select any combination of chords from our ever-growing, community-driven database, and it will return the possible keys in which the given chords occur. That said, because of the seemingly endless supply of exotic chords and keys, there's no guarentee that the key you're expecting to find is in our database. If it's not, add it!

The fretBoard was the next logical step. Accessed either from within the keyFinder's results or from right on the home page, it provides a visual representation of a guitar's neck. You can select any key in the database to show on the fretBoard, you can manually adjust the tuning to match your current configuration, and if you're logged in, you can even customize and save your own tunings for later use.

The keyBoard came next. Offering the same key-selection as the fretBoard, the keyBoard provides a dynamic visualization of a two octaves of a keyboard.

The chordBuilder is the newest tool to What Key Am I In. You tell the tool exactly where your fingers are on your guitar, and it will give you back any chords from the database that include the notes you're playing.